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Teen Titans!

Ya know what I hate?
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Ya know what I hate?
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That ^

       Ya wana know what I relly hate?When people dont like a show,they draw THAT!!!!!!Even though you might not like it,some people do, and it is VERRY rude to make fun of it.I dont like animaneaks, but I don't go makeing rude pics,and publishing them on the internet.If the show is relly stupid,keep it to yourself and your friends.
     Some people send hate mail.If you dont know what hate mail is its when people send you e-mail or mail saying how you stink.I dont send hate mail,neather should you.
     Another thing I hate,Is when stupid people ignor this page.
                              - Zoobie flotsawats


What IT says:
Robin: Where's batman?
Star: soft mandable (?)
BB: Frog man
Cy: Howdy
Raven: Not goth

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